Saturday, 5 December 2009

Nothing More Than This

This journal will be deleted, as I realise the words that I fight to say are irrelevant.
The stories in my head I could never relate.
The songs that I hear I cannot write.
The journey I make is mine and mine alone.
The photographs I take are lacking in colour, contrast and continuity.

I am brain damaged and cannot communicate my thoughts let alone understand the thoughts of others in writing or speech.
I have tried and failed to overcome the massive destruction that was done to me by a drunk driver and corrupt police officers that offered help to their friend rather than caring for the victim of his crime.

I have so much hate inside me it is destroying me.
Every siren I hear drives yet another nail into my coffin, as it revives the hatred I have for the liars that have taken everything from me including my self-respect.

No don’t go to sleep after reading this unless you are prepared to have a nightmare and find that I am riding the pale horse that threatens your compliance with a corrupt system.

This is the dawn of a new day.
This is no time to fall asleep.
So I will continue on Notes on the Scale that will never try to be anything more than it is.
A lifeline from me to you if you ever find yourself drowning.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Made to Scale...

I have opened a new journal that is exactly what it says it is~
Notes on a Scale.

No attempt at poetry, no attempt at singing this journal merely records the notes that try to scale the heights and depths of imagination while accepting reality holds the key that opens the door to understanding.
I do not expect any followers or comments.
I write my thoughts in order to learn to read more clearly the thoughts of others.

I thank every follower of this journal and wish you to know I appreciate every comment.
How else can I ever know that my words have been understood?

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Good Grief

'LOST BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN' From Let the end try the man

I lost,
So many thoughts before they formed into words,
My mind is so slow it cannot produce the little I know,
In a form that could be understood
By any other:
Mother, and brother,
Father and sister,
And the long lost lover,
That sings with a clear voice from the mountain,
Through the valleys,
To the sea.

He lives,
As I cry for the chances that I lost in the past,
And hold onto the memories that lie in the sand,
Passing through the glass,
With many others:
Mother, and brother,
Father and sister,
I heard the song he wrote from the mountain,
In a language from the valleys,
And the sea.

I did not understand.
I lost.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

No Two Alike

I have posted the second chapter to my Sci Fi story on Stories Between Friends
If there is no indication that anyone is interested in reading further then there will be no further posts.
But if you think that you have already understood the title after reading the first two chapters...think again!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The River Runs

I have used these photographs before but this time they to illustrate a song I have only just finished.

The words are slower than the picture to find.

'RIVERDANCE' From Words from Thought

Dip your hand in the water that flows,
Touch the moment that every instant holds,
The river of life rings the tree that grows,
Under a light that the future moulds,
Listen to the silence that music contains,
And within the darkness light unfolds,
To record a time that sound regains,
Every dream played by the falling rains.

'SCOTTISH FANTASY' From Let the end try the man

Watch as the water flows to the sea,
Listen to the thunder of the waterfall,
Ringing around the evergreen tree,
As it grows in answer to an ancient call-
Tall and straight toward the sky,
Disregarding danger of a fall,
To reach the place the unknown must lie,
And all find when they finally die.

'THE SANDS OF TIME RUN TO THE SEA' From Pictures within pictures

Live the moment that time gives to you,
Touch the world with every sense you own,
Hold the memories that make dreams come true,
With the love you have been given and shown,
The music plays from the mountain high,
That from only the earth has grown,
The rhythm of life within tree rings lie,
As the river runs back to the sea to die.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Training the Mind to Accept Everything


Carly has asked us to photograph a train.
Follow the link to join in and see other entries.

I take this request outside of the!

And give you my train...

'RIBBON OF LIGHT' From Words from Thought

A train of thought carries me beyond the horizon,
To the pot of gold that the rainbow holds,
Not having any earthly worth,
It lies to be discovered by those that rise,
Above and beyond,
Throughout all time and space,
And then win the first prize for the race.

I do not attempt to gain extra credit, as no conductor could be photographed during this performance!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Leader of the Pack

'STRENGTH IN NUMBERS' From Words from Thought

The Joker in the pack is always wild,
Laughter holds the key to freedom,
Smile and you are halfway there,
Take time and you will learn to dare,
To vocalise your thoughts,
Then stand-alone within the pack,
Create a moment past today,
Despite anything you could ever try to say,
For the joke must lie with the wildest card,
And the laughter lives with the Joker.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Move, stand and hold

'The Fall ' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Move it!
The invisible barrier that holds you back
Move it!
The lies and prejudice that fight the truth,
Move it!
The corruption that all compassion must lack,

And stand!
Where no horizon has ever been drawn,
And stand!
Where knowledge lies and ignorance falls,
And stand!
Where wisdom waits to rise at dawn,

Hold fast!
To the only way out of the night,
Hold fast!
To the strength freely given to all,
Hold fast!
To belief that will carry the light,

Move, then stand and hold
The light that dawn gives to the horizon,
So it might lead you beyond...

'SHEER FANTASY' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Still water runs deep

'STILL WATER RUNS DEEP' From Words from Thought

I sit beside the still water and think,
How long will it be before the noise is ignored
By my mind that has been brought too close to the brink,
And now has the pedal for amplitude floored.
I try to sail silently through the pain,
But have yet to find where my boat could be moored.
In a haven of safety peace I regain,
It lies between the lines of this refrain.

Held within the arms of an island’s charm,
And protecting all from the storm with calm,
Many have sought safety here,
None have been left alone in their fear,
All are welcomed by a generous heart,
Valued by some so much they never depart,
Or they carry the memory so close through their life,
Every moment holds a remedy against strife.

'A SAFE HARBOUR' Stromness also known as Hamnavoe, Orkney From Words from Thought


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If anyone is relying on FeedBlitz e-mails to follow this journal please note that I am unable to afford the charge they are now levying for this service.
I am removing the option from my sidebar and I expect within the next fortnight that the service will be discontinued.
Those on Blogger can always follow updates via their dashboard.
If there is anyone not on Blogger who would like me to send a private e-mail notifying them of any new post please e-mail me with your address and the journal/s you follow.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all followers especially those that take the time and trouble to comment.
I value every comment highly and they help me to understand the effect my works have on others.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Greetings to a Season

'A WELCOME TO WINTER' From Words from Thought

‘I welcome winter’, the words form in the air,
Then under the rays of a distant sun dance,
As if they only live to silently dare
An invisible partner to play music to enhance,
The thoughts that gave them birth,
And now seek another to entrance,
With fireside friendship and festive mirth,
That cold season’s true worth.

Like a cloud passing over the ground,
The words flee from warmth to finally find,
A place to sleep safe within the sound,
That a hidden orchestra divined,
No frozen world can ever forget,
The memories that forever bind,
The past to the present with no regret,
And hold for the future the payment of debt.

Storms will rage and rivers will swell,
Winter will take the life from the weak,
There is no place where we can dwell,
Without the strength of the sun we seek,
Unless we hold deep within our thought,
That if we become one with the meek,
In a living cycle we will be caught,
And find everything we ever sought.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Over the Horizon

Ellipsis Monday Photo shoot
Carly has simply asked for black and white photographs.
I simply reply with a picture and words also in black and white.

Please follow the link to join in and view other entries.

I have enhanced and desaturated the original photograph in Photoshop.

'OVER THE HORIZON' From Visual Counterpoint

Some look and hear beyond the horizon with thought,
And leap over everything that boundary caught,
In pictures, words and music they portray what they’ve seen,
Leaving us to learn how blind and deaf we have been,
Somewhere in the shadows I shall surely find,
The key to unlock the closed door of my mind,
There is no song that’s not been sung in the past,
There is no music playing now that cannot last.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Maybe We Could Share

'MAYBE WE COULD SHARE' From Words from Thought

The food is good and plenty for two,
I feel like celebrating, how about you?
Don’t scream that all this you only own,
Unless you want to be left totally alone,
Don’t learn from a starling how not to share,
Unless you are willing to accept Nature’s care,
She will fight for you according to her law,
That speaks with justice red in tooth and claw.

There’s no pity here for the lost and weak,
Survival only the strongest will seek,
If we are only animals living in the wild,
Why should we care for another’s child?
For some animal instinct still rules supreme,
They attempt to rise over the milk like cream,
Without wisdom to use knowledge they will certainly fall,
And in the silence finally hear nature’s wild call.

Few see and hear beyond the horizon with thought,
And leap over everything that boundary caught,
In pictures, words and music they portray the scene,
Leaving us to learn how blind and deaf we have been,
Somewhere in the shadows one day I shall find,
The key that unlocks the door to my mind,
So I look and listen and maybe we could share
The search, that seeks to learn the essence of care.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Dance..slow, slow, quick, quick, slow...

'THE FALLEN OPEN THE CANOPY' From Words from Thought

‘Walk don’t run’ is the echo I hear from the past,
My father forever caring for the daughter he loves,
But I ran as fast as I could and fell
Many times.

I have picked myself up from the dirt many times,
I have lost count; numbers always hold chaos for me,
Time runs faster than I ever could,
So I fall.

The dirt does not hold a resting place for me,
So I rise again to grow as long as I live,
Learning to walk and hear the songs,
I shall sing.

I hear my father’s voice clear above the noise,
Such a signpost he holds above my head,
How could I ever fear becoming lost
Within failure.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A Scottish Fantasy

'A SCOTTISH FANTASY' From Let the end try the man

Leave me for I shall never be alone,
Although you may think my heart is stone,
It beats to a time, by which the river flows,
Holding past, present, and future no one knows,
From the mountain to the sea the words must fall,
Carrying the thoughts of one who would call
Silence, to listen for the music that plays
Tunes to carry light for many different ways.

I had to run though a desert and this river ran dry,
I cried as loud as I could so my tears might try
To bring water to a wasteland that crumbled at my feet,
And bring honour to those that only knew defeat,
From the mountain to the sea the water flows,
Holding the secret only the full moon knows,
Silence! Listen to the music that the stars simply play,
For that’s the only way you’ll hear what I say.

From the land of the mountain and the flood I belong,
And so do the unworthy words of this song,
Lost in a desert that would desiccate true care,
I stand and defy ignorance and now declare,
‘This is my life and you are only a guest’,
The land that I love holds more than the rest
In the silence that speaks from icy heights,
And the darkness of long cold winter nights.

She catches the rain that falls on her peaks,
And smiles with a face that wisdom seeks,
Strength is written within granite below,
The sky marries the word with virgin snow,
From which the trees grow straight and tall,
Evergreen life answering the eternal call
To wait for the sun, that will shine through the night,
And give the reward for such a lonely fight.

This song is for Connie who has been a stalwart friend from across the pond. This is the post you urged me to write even though you had no idea of what I might say.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How Long is a Piece of String?

'A FULL CIRCLE' From Words from Thought

How long does a sigh last?
As long as time takes to gather the wind
To scatter the thoughts and find
There is no life held in the past.

How long does a dream last?
As long as it takes the dawn to break,
To scatter fantasy for reality’s sake,
There is no shadow life has not cast.

How long does a song last?
As long as time plays music for the words,
Freely given to the dawn for the birds,
There is no shadow here from the past.

How long does a life last?
As long as the spirit journeys toward light,
Carrying the soul through the darkest night,
A circle holds the beginning and end eternity cast.

I wish I had the right words to convey my support to you at this time.
This song is for you.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Lost for Words

I would like all followers of this journal to go to Home~the Journey.
If you can help a fellow traveller please do so.

Monday, 5 October 2009

From Under the Bridge

From Home~the Journey

The morning mist rises from the water,
As if it carries the breath held during the night
By a face that looked up to the stars
And was silvered by moonlight.
Thoughts born from darkness,
Must pass through the dawn,
Leaving many dreams,
Forever lost and forlorn.

Lost within the mind that rose with the sun,
As if it never carried them through the night,
Or called to the stars to sing a lullaby,
And were killed the moment they won the fight,
Forlorn, abandoned in a pitiful state,
Crying in the darkness where they are left,
They take the life that denied them their voice
And leave grief forever bereft.

Imagination is the sail that holds the dream,
As if it is hoist to catch the wind of chance,
And drive the mind over the water,
Carrying thought a moment in time will enhance,
Crying the truth that is held in peace,
And live for the future to always speak,
From the past and present to all,
For the suffering of the weak.

I dedicate this song to the two teenage girls that held hands before they jumped to their death from a bridge near Glasgow after they were sent to a residential school.
So many dreams of our children are destroyed by this modern world.
How can we be proud of our achievements when our failure is to care for our children?

Please see Home ~ the Journey and A Bridge Too Far for my other thoughts on this tragedy.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Cry my beloved Country

'The fallen open the canopy to light' From Visual Counterpoint

When the cries of pain echo
In the darkness of night,
Call to the wind for silence
While the moon holds the light,

When the cries of pain shriek
In the face of ignorant pride,
Call to wisdom for silence
While the wind passes aside.

When the cries of pain cease
In the passage of all things,
Call Time to hold the music,
While the word gladly sings.

Friday, 2 October 2009

On the Wild Side

'I capture light so the darkness will hold haven' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Unwanted and unloved by modern society,
The wild flower blooms,
Unseen and unappreciated by modern society,
The wild flower calls
To those that want, love, see and appreciate
The haven held,

Walk on the wild side and know a free society,
Where the wild flower blooms,
Seen and appreciated by many wanderers,
The wild flower calls
To those that need strength from the love,
The haven holds.

Unknown and untouched by modern society,
The wild flower blooms,
Seen yet not seen by modern society,
The wild flower calls
To those that carry the burden of light,
The haven will hold.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Gentle Poet

'Gentle Thoughts' From Visual Counterpoint

No sound is more memorable than silence,
No view is more valuable than insight,
No touch is gentler than the one that can reach
Into the silence and hear the music,
Into the darkness and see the light,
Then create songs that sing through the night.

Let me take you through the silence,
Let me take you through the night,
Let the dream you have now reach out,
Into the silence and play your tune,
Into the darkness and paint your picture,
Then create a broad way without stricture.

‘I will be what I will be’ shall be my cry,
I seek what has always lain within me,
I hold myself silently and in darkness,
Into the magic of music I now play my tune,
Into the darkness I throw my light,
Then create thoughts that illuminate the night.


I am still unable to post using Firefox and this is posted with the aid of AOL and its' new desktop that I am only now beginning to be able to navigate.

It took me a lifetime to realise that as hard as I try to catch up with time it will always be beyond me and to touch the future is only a dream that I have in the present, held in the past and hope the future continues to hold for those that would follow.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Flowery Diadem of Frost

'Frost Flower' From Visual Counterpoint

He comes in darkness and lays a shroud,
Over the last breath of summer,
As if the heavens have fallen through the night,
And carpeted the earth with starlight.
Soon after dawn he must depart,
Leaving behind only tears,
Under the insistent silent gaze
Of an autumnal sun’s morning rays.

'The Children Must Sleep' From Visual Counterpoint

He will return and as nights grow longer,
He stays dancing with a winter sun,
As if the stars have now conquered the day,
And provide music for the earth to play,
Bright shining chords pierce the cold air,
Fingers drum a pattern to be frozen in time,
She also sings a lullaby with words soft and deep,
This late in the year her children must sleep,

'A Clear Path for Spring' From Visual Counterpoint

He finally departs leaving a clear path for spring,
Who held her breath as she watched him dance,
As if he held the heavens within his hand,
And spread them over a sleeping land,
Like seeds that would grow to shine on earth,
Under a light seen both night and day,
She calls him to dance the final waltz with her,
Under magical moonlight the coldest heart will stir.

'The Last Waltz' From Visual Counterpoint

I have now realised that anyone viewing my journal with Internet Explorer will have my photographs cropped. I have no idea why this is happening. It has nothing to do with Blogger or Picassa so I have no way of correcting it.

If you wish to view my photographs as I posted them please use another browser like Firefox.

My website is now

I post photographs there that do not appear on any of my journals and they can be seen full screen.

As we let summer take a well earned sleep and welcome autumn to wake us with a call to prepare for winter to weave the spirit that will bring spring; look up and see the stars that wait patiently for us to grow beyond our cradle on Earth.

Monday, 21 September 2009

When the Sky Falls Fly Higher

'When the sky falls' From Visual Counterpoint

Life holds an alarm that all will hear,
When every other has been disregarded,
When reason has finally been discarded,
And death’s touch reaches too near,
When the fight to merely breathe will begin,
Will you understand the reason why?
Will you surrender your air to the sky?
And give life for the future to win.

The horizon holds the earth and sky,
Within a line drawn beyond our sight,
By a power holding both day and night
With every moment that must pass by,
Yet nothing of any worth will be lost,
All will be weighed and measured,
The least valued will be treasured,
While lovers of money pay the cost.

Bells ring for a marriage between two,
Time stands still while the promise is made,
That nothing in the future will ever fade
The love the present holds so new,
Let only one bell be tolled for the past,
And leave revenge lost in the solitary tone,
That strikes a chord yet stands alone,
For an eternal love that will last.

No variants played ever sound the same,
Yet all hold the theme that stands alone,
To tell everyone of a single throne,
That would seek only justice not fame.
Listen to the music and you will hear,
Sound captured within Time’s frame,
Playing deep thoughts without shame,
To last longer than any shallow fear.

The final rhythm is for all to find,
The breath of life holds every beat,
Accented by victory and defeat,
Speaking the mystery within every mind,
Knowledge is insufficient for the light,
That wisdom will claim for its’ own,
And eventually show it has always known,
The result of this eternal fight.

When the sky falls; fly higher than the clouds,
Where the sun and stars will always shine,
With warmth that is both yours and mine,
And tear asunder the weeping shrouds,
Then speak with words that are understood,
By those that have journeyed afar,
Following their own personal star,
That sang through the rings of one tree in the wood.

'Fly higher than any cloud' From Visual Counterpoint

I would like everyone who has followed this journal to know that I have finally obtained a domain name for my website at~


It has been a tough road to walk so far and I do not expect it to become any easier, but if the going gets too rough I may learn to fly...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Wandering Wonder

'Just Passing Through' From Visual Counterpoint

The morning mist wanders over the water,
While a September sun rises to reach the surface
Between earth and sky, then touch every hope
Before summer must die.

Where is the purpose of such an aimless life?
Drifting on winds of chance that only hold hope
Between earth and sky, yet touching neither
Before the past must die.

Dawn holds the key that will open the door,
With a light that will show a way to the surface
Between earth and sky, with a touch that tells
Where the future must lie.

'Dawn on the Water' From Visual Counterpoint

Friday, 11 September 2009

So Near Yet So Far

I have no suitable photograph to accompany these words that I send across the pond to those that grieve the loss of innocent life eight years ago.
I am sure no one will have any difficulty in recalling such a vivid scene.
If my words give any comfort or even better hope for a better world then I will have accomplished more than I ever dream is possible...

No time brings us closer than birth and death,
To a moment that holds the thread of life
Gently, while Damocles’ knife
Hangs over the first and last breath.

Does a baby dream while it soundly sleeps
Of the place that gives all life a start?
When life surrenders what place keeps
The dreams that echo a faithful heart?

No time holds us closer than the beginning and end,
To a moment that keeps safe every life’s dream,
But every moment is destined to send
Each true thought on a separate light beam.

My thoughts are with my friends today.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mute Beauty


please follow the link to join in and view other entries.

Carly has asked for a photograph from our archives.

I have not only uncovered the past pictures but also revived the thoughts that they hold for me.

For extra credit I need to tell why I took the photographs and the difficulty I encountered.

What came first?

The photographs or the thoughts that are now written in words?

Time holds the truth and I leave you to reach for the key and turn it in the lock.

And see more than these pictures and words can ever portray.

For then will sight be restored to the blind and the deaf will hear.

'Mute Beauty' 'From Let the end try the man

This beauty is silent yet sings a song,
That water carries on moving waves,
Giants sleep through a night far too long,
For the warmth of the sun that saves.

Some may never see this natural call,
Some may not survive the longest night,
But all will in time finally fall,
So they may stand after the fight.

Silence holds eternity’s key,
Where music plays throughout all time,
Meanwhile nature speaks to you and me,
As she can only do now, in mime.

'For some the sun's return willl be too late' From Let the end try the man

''Life from death' From Let the end try the man

I do not seek any credit for my photographs or my words because they are both free to anyone that would seek a moment in time and look beyond the scene for more than thought can hold.
Please note I have posted this entry using my laptop that does not have AOL loaded on it.
I am still finding difficulty in using AOL Desktop and therefore have a severe problem in retrieving and answering mail.

I would now like to thank anyone who takes the time to comment on this post and offer my sincere apologies that I cannot do so in a more personal manner.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Unable to understand

Please note I am unable to navigate AOL Desktop and find retrieving my email almost impossible. The flashing adverts on the side bar as I try to read the mail list quite honestly finishes me off.
I have no idea what I am going to do now. All I do know is that this new desktop gives me too much stress and I will not accept it.

I shall not be answering any comments, as I cannot face the pain it will cause me.

I thank everyone now for their comments on my journal and wish you all the best.

A Good Night to all

'The night holds every shadow' From Visual Counterpoint

A new moon rises to rule the sky,
As night falls on the many shadows that lie
Waiting, while the earth turns from the sun,
Waiting while the day’s work is done,
Waiting to become part of a whole,
Where darkness holds an eternal soul
Safe within the memory of everlasting light,
And carries all the courage unseen in the fight.

Look into darkness and learn to see again,
Like the blind feel the gently falling rain,
Touch moments that pass and leave your mark,
Remember all are without sight in the dark,
So sing with a voice that is clear and true,
And the music that plays will always echo you,
Fly on the crest of the wave of every sweet air,
Dive to the depths that only the brave dare.

Here is a place where we may finally learn,
The truth for which every soul must yearn,
A dark night holds the light from the stars,
And enables us to look through the bars
Of our cradle on earth and imagine more,
Even try to touch what the future has in store,
Here is our home, from which we must fly,
Beyond a moon that would rule our sky.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Legacy

Another photograph of a tree with a song of the legacy we inherit and the one we will leave behind.

I have added this to Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, as I hope this will compensate for my absence.

Please follow the link to view other entries.

'Born to reflect light' From Visual Counterpoint

There is no better legacy to the future than a dream,

Woven from the thoughts held by a mind that is free,

There is no better eulogy to the past than the faith,

That we learn the lessons left in its' footprints and see,

There is no better legacy for the present to grasp,

Than the truth that lives forever and will always be,

There is no better dream ever forged in the dark,

Than the one that holds eternity's key.


I posted this with my laptop that does not have AOL loaded because I did not want to face another battle with AOL Desktop on my main computer.

I could not find a way to copy and paste the song from Word and was forced to write it out again on blogger word for word (sorry for the pun).

This Internet Explorer is now exhausted!

The Tree

Please follow the link to join in and view other entries.

Carly has given us the subject of trees this week and although I am still unable to go out with my camera to get new photographs I have been able to illustrate the song I have written with one picture I have not yet posted taken in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, England. The other two have appeared on my website.
Which came first?
The photographs if you only think in terms of time; the song if you look beyond the horizon.

'A Gentle Giant' From Visual Counterpoint

A crown held aloft by life alone,
Rests on rings that time has grown,
A canopy that captures sunlight’s store,
Stands to shade the forest floor,
A gentle giant in silence will seek,
To protect and nurture the small and weak,
A single thought of love held high,
Must inherit the light that falls from the sky.

'Sunset silhouettte' From Visual Counterpoint

Such a life is strong even in death,
And carries the future on past breath,
Such a light captured must always live,
As selflessness will always give,
Such a giant that will stand to show,
The way the light calls us all to grow,
Such a thought as this held high,
Must speak to the world with the last sigh.
'Sheer Fantasy' From Visual Counterpoint

The smoke will rise from the funeral pyre,
No eyes will have ever seen such a fire,
The signals will be sent through the rings of time,
No ears will have ever heard the bells that chime,
The earth will cry for without her tears,
No life can survive the worst of its’ fears,
The silence that carries this message to the sky,
Must speak for the world so love may never die.


This entry is very late because I have been offline while Rob put Vista on my computer in the hope that many of the problems I have will be solved.

I have now inherited another headache! Apparently I must now have AOL Desktop and I am having great difficulty navigating it. I have yet to find out how to have two windows open at the same time so posting this has been a long drawn out affair, as I could not hold Blogger and Picasa simultaneously on this new desktop!

Monday, 31 August 2009

From the Last Rose of Summer

'From Clover Comes Gold' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Summer flees on the wings of the last swallow,
With the grace of an acrobat that flies through the air,
Taking memories of warmth that I would follow,
And every thought from sunshine that I should share,
Time releases the moment that holds the store,
Of one season lived where only the brave dare,
Dance to the music always seeking more,
To provide for the future within nature’s law.

'As Seasons Roll By' From Colour Contrast Continuity

As the seasons pass so time writes a song,
So each will remember its’ lasting role,
When all seems lost, the place they belong
Within the earth and her living soul,
Will capture the magic of the moment they gave,
And holding it close, sigh, and then pay the toll,
As fortune rides upon the crest of the wave,
So we may learn to love and the future save.

'The Last Rose of Summer' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Listen to the wind as it sings a song for every season,
Hear the sound of music as it holds time in place,
Sing the words your mind creates for a reason,
Weave your way through life and leave only lace,
Look beyond the horizon where time is yet to be,
Where the future will judge winners of the final race,
As only the blind when cured will ever see,
There was no difference between you and me.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

One Season does not make a Year

'The Flush of Winter' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The breath of winter brings autumn to a close,
The caress of winter brings a flush to the cheek,
The grip of winter brings death to the weak,
The silence of winter brings the music I chose.

'Winter Wrap' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Winter wraps a present already sold,
Winter clears the air of useless tears,
Winter holds every one of our hidden fears,
Winter wills weeds present to die from the cold.

'Winter Will' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The breath of winter dies on a spring air,
The music swells to carry the new dawn,
The future cries in the dark to be born,
The silence of winter holds life in its' care.

'A Spring Air' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Two Lines

'Two eyes for beauty' From Colour Contrast Continuity
Two eyes for beauty,
Two wings for flight,
Two is one plus one,
Past plus present,

Too much,
Too soon,
Too late,
Too little,
Too few,
'Two part in victory' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Two are together,
Two part only in victory,
Two is only one again,
Present in the future,

Too right,
Too wrong,
Too straight,
Too strong,
Too late,
Too long.

'Two Lines' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ring in the old

For the reason for lack of new photographs please see Home~ the Journey
It explains the problems I have at the moment.

Monday, 17 August 2009

To a Future I cannot hear

'Silence holds a Symphony' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Listen to silence and hear a symphony written in the future to the past,
No one note lives alone to carry the tune; all hold the music within the tone.
It only takes one to gather the sound of silence and compose a melody to carry the present over the errors of the past and into the wonders of the future.
That all may hear,
The sound of silence,
And believe in a future.

Sing the song you hear now and remember the song you heard yesterday and combine them both in a song for tomorrow.

Then past, present and future will echo to the wisdom music holds.
And the silence holds the knowledge yet to be learned.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Quest for the Question

'Dawn breaks every barrier' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
Why my life is such a mess,
This computer that I bought,
Was supposed to reduce the stress,
That holds me down in hell,
With every breath that lies;
When no one will ever hear,
The silence held in death's cries.

'See the silence when eyes are closed' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
The secret they have found,
That enables them to hear,
The unrecorded sound,
And hold hell at bay,
With every breath they take,
When no one understands,
The sacrifice silence must make.

'Walk on and never walk alone' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
The answer that life demands,
Without bringing any excuses,
Or issuing any commands,
Hell will never be held at bay,
By any one man alone,
Humanity always holds the strength,
To lift this sword from the stone.

'Life flies a flag that will never be struck'. From Visual Counterpoint

This song was inspired by a poem posted on a blog I follow, unfortunately it was anonymous so I cannot give the author the thanks or the recognition deserved.

Please follow this link to view the post that held more than words for me.

Please follow the link and I hope I have increased your appetite for poetry in good taste!