Monday, 14 September 2009

Wandering Wonder

'Just Passing Through' From Visual Counterpoint

The morning mist wanders over the water,
While a September sun rises to reach the surface
Between earth and sky, then touch every hope
Before summer must die.

Where is the purpose of such an aimless life?
Drifting on winds of chance that only hold hope
Between earth and sky, yet touching neither
Before the past must die.

Dawn holds the key that will open the door,
With a light that will show a way to the surface
Between earth and sky, with a touch that tells
Where the future must lie.

'Dawn on the Water' From Visual Counterpoint


Rose~* said...

I've always enjoyed the early morning mist on the water in late summer. It always reminds me that Halloween is right around the corner, with visions of ghosts and goblins.

ADB said...

I have not been round for a long time but am very pleased to note you're still posting. Your writings and photography go from strength to strength.