Monday, 21 September 2009

When the Sky Falls Fly Higher

'When the sky falls' From Visual Counterpoint

Life holds an alarm that all will hear,
When every other has been disregarded,
When reason has finally been discarded,
And death’s touch reaches too near,
When the fight to merely breathe will begin,
Will you understand the reason why?
Will you surrender your air to the sky?
And give life for the future to win.

The horizon holds the earth and sky,
Within a line drawn beyond our sight,
By a power holding both day and night
With every moment that must pass by,
Yet nothing of any worth will be lost,
All will be weighed and measured,
The least valued will be treasured,
While lovers of money pay the cost.

Bells ring for a marriage between two,
Time stands still while the promise is made,
That nothing in the future will ever fade
The love the present holds so new,
Let only one bell be tolled for the past,
And leave revenge lost in the solitary tone,
That strikes a chord yet stands alone,
For an eternal love that will last.

No variants played ever sound the same,
Yet all hold the theme that stands alone,
To tell everyone of a single throne,
That would seek only justice not fame.
Listen to the music and you will hear,
Sound captured within Time’s frame,
Playing deep thoughts without shame,
To last longer than any shallow fear.

The final rhythm is for all to find,
The breath of life holds every beat,
Accented by victory and defeat,
Speaking the mystery within every mind,
Knowledge is insufficient for the light,
That wisdom will claim for its’ own,
And eventually show it has always known,
The result of this eternal fight.

When the sky falls; fly higher than the clouds,
Where the sun and stars will always shine,
With warmth that is both yours and mine,
And tear asunder the weeping shrouds,
Then speak with words that are understood,
By those that have journeyed afar,
Following their own personal star,
That sang through the rings of one tree in the wood.

'Fly higher than any cloud' From Visual Counterpoint

I would like everyone who has followed this journal to know that I have finally obtained a domain name for my website at~


It has been a tough road to walk so far and I do not expect it to become any easier, but if the going gets too rough I may learn to fly...

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