Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Flowery Diadem of Frost

'Frost Flower' From Visual Counterpoint

He comes in darkness and lays a shroud,
Over the last breath of summer,
As if the heavens have fallen through the night,
And carpeted the earth with starlight.
Soon after dawn he must depart,
Leaving behind only tears,
Under the insistent silent gaze
Of an autumnal sun’s morning rays.

'The Children Must Sleep' From Visual Counterpoint

He will return and as nights grow longer,
He stays dancing with a winter sun,
As if the stars have now conquered the day,
And provide music for the earth to play,
Bright shining chords pierce the cold air,
Fingers drum a pattern to be frozen in time,
She also sings a lullaby with words soft and deep,
This late in the year her children must sleep,

'A Clear Path for Spring' From Visual Counterpoint

He finally departs leaving a clear path for spring,
Who held her breath as she watched him dance,
As if he held the heavens within his hand,
And spread them over a sleeping land,
Like seeds that would grow to shine on earth,
Under a light seen both night and day,
She calls him to dance the final waltz with her,
Under magical moonlight the coldest heart will stir.

'The Last Waltz' From Visual Counterpoint

I have now realised that anyone viewing my journal with Internet Explorer will have my photographs cropped. I have no idea why this is happening. It has nothing to do with Blogger or Picassa so I have no way of correcting it.

If you wish to view my photographs as I posted them please use another browser like Firefox.

My website is now

I post photographs there that do not appear on any of my journals and they can be seen full screen.

As we let summer take a well earned sleep and welcome autumn to wake us with a call to prepare for winter to weave the spirit that will bring spring; look up and see the stars that wait patiently for us to grow beyond our cradle on Earth.


madcobug said...

Very good. I use Foxfire and some of the pictures are cropped. Some of mine are also. Helen

Rose~* said...

I think it depends on the layout of the Blog Template that we use, will determine whether or not the pictures gets cropped. I have this problem on my newest template. We are nearing the "frosty" season, and I love pictures of the frozen earth. They seem to have different patterns and shapes that are not seen in any other season. Great poem, too!