Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Good Night to all

'The night holds every shadow' From Visual Counterpoint

A new moon rises to rule the sky,
As night falls on the many shadows that lie
Waiting, while the earth turns from the sun,
Waiting while the day’s work is done,
Waiting to become part of a whole,
Where darkness holds an eternal soul
Safe within the memory of everlasting light,
And carries all the courage unseen in the fight.

Look into darkness and learn to see again,
Like the blind feel the gently falling rain,
Touch moments that pass and leave your mark,
Remember all are without sight in the dark,
So sing with a voice that is clear and true,
And the music that plays will always echo you,
Fly on the crest of the wave of every sweet air,
Dive to the depths that only the brave dare.

Here is a place where we may finally learn,
The truth for which every soul must yearn,
A dark night holds the light from the stars,
And enables us to look through the bars
Of our cradle on earth and imagine more,
Even try to touch what the future has in store,
Here is our home, from which we must fly,
Beyond a moon that would rule our sky.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

Wonderful poem, Liz - we recently had a beautiful full moon and it most certainly made me want to write away into the night.