Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Gentle Poet

'Gentle Thoughts' From Visual Counterpoint

No sound is more memorable than silence,
No view is more valuable than insight,
No touch is gentler than the one that can reach
Into the silence and hear the music,
Into the darkness and see the light,
Then create songs that sing through the night.

Let me take you through the silence,
Let me take you through the night,
Let the dream you have now reach out,
Into the silence and play your tune,
Into the darkness and paint your picture,
Then create a broad way without stricture.

‘I will be what I will be’ shall be my cry,
I seek what has always lain within me,
I hold myself silently and in darkness,
Into the magic of music I now play my tune,
Into the darkness I throw my light,
Then create thoughts that illuminate the night.


I am still unable to post using Firefox and this is posted with the aid of AOL and its' new desktop that I am only now beginning to be able to navigate.

It took me a lifetime to realise that as hard as I try to catch up with time it will always be beyond me and to touch the future is only a dream that I have in the present, held in the past and hope the future continues to hold for those that would follow.


Rose~* said...

Lovely poem, Liz - too bad about Firefox. If you could get someone who uses it to help you, this might be the way to go. There usually are a few manuals in the book stores about the use of this browser, I have seen them in "Chapters" book store. Don't know if you have that in the UK. It took me awhile to figure it out, also.

DB said...

You speak so many things in the silence that I try to say aloud. I wish I had the poet's gift as you do.


Connie said...

obody says it better than you and no one captures the beauty as you do....I bow in awe of your works...

Connie said...

first word last comment was messed up----