Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mute Beauty


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Carly has asked for a photograph from our archives.

I have not only uncovered the past pictures but also revived the thoughts that they hold for me.

For extra credit I need to tell why I took the photographs and the difficulty I encountered.

What came first?

The photographs or the thoughts that are now written in words?

Time holds the truth and I leave you to reach for the key and turn it in the lock.

And see more than these pictures and words can ever portray.

For then will sight be restored to the blind and the deaf will hear.

'Mute Beauty' 'From Let the end try the man

This beauty is silent yet sings a song,
That water carries on moving waves,
Giants sleep through a night far too long,
For the warmth of the sun that saves.

Some may never see this natural call,
Some may not survive the longest night,
But all will in time finally fall,
So they may stand after the fight.

Silence holds eternity’s key,
Where music plays throughout all time,
Meanwhile nature speaks to you and me,
As she can only do now, in mime.

'For some the sun's return willl be too late' From Let the end try the man

''Life from death' From Let the end try the man

I do not seek any credit for my photographs or my words because they are both free to anyone that would seek a moment in time and look beyond the scene for more than thought can hold.
Please note I have posted this entry using my laptop that does not have AOL loaded on it.
I am still finding difficulty in using AOL Desktop and therefore have a severe problem in retrieving and answering mail.

I would now like to thank anyone who takes the time to comment on this post and offer my sincere apologies that I cannot do so in a more personal manner.


Carly said...

Hi Liz

What beautiful glimpses of nature you have brought us. Well done!


Rose~* said...

Wonderful photos, Liz - and lots to think about in your poetry. ((HUGS))

fdtate said...

Some great nature shots! I like the top one the best, but it displays cut off on the webpage. I don't know if it's my browser or what that causes it, but the version in your web album is great.

Greg said...

Ahh yes, the swan. I remember you telling me about it when I did the Spotlight on you many months ago. These are great selections for your archived entry.


Suzanne R said...

I love your pictures and poetry. The swan is especially stunning! Nice job!