Friday, 4 February 2011

Listen to the Wind

"Listen to the wind" From Visual Counterpoint

Thrown in a box,
Drugged out of my mind,
Both entry and exit closed,
Listen to the wind,
Whispering a way,
Then play.
The game to the end.

Checked by a knight,
While the queen slept,
A bishop lost his belief,
Listen to the wind,
Castles stand alone,
Pawns play,
The game to the end.

Here one or more,
Lie under a namesake,
Dead to the world above,
Listen to the wind,
The king stands castled,
One plays,
This game to the end.

The queen awakes,
With dreams remembered,
Her spirit living for all,
Listen to the wind,
Carrying ash and dust,
Game played,
To the end and beginning.