Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Tree

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Carly has given us the subject of trees this week and although I am still unable to go out with my camera to get new photographs I have been able to illustrate the song I have written with one picture I have not yet posted taken in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, England. The other two have appeared on my website.
Which came first?
The photographs if you only think in terms of time; the song if you look beyond the horizon.

'A Gentle Giant' From Visual Counterpoint

A crown held aloft by life alone,
Rests on rings that time has grown,
A canopy that captures sunlight’s store,
Stands to shade the forest floor,
A gentle giant in silence will seek,
To protect and nurture the small and weak,
A single thought of love held high,
Must inherit the light that falls from the sky.

'Sunset silhouettte' From Visual Counterpoint

Such a life is strong even in death,
And carries the future on past breath,
Such a light captured must always live,
As selflessness will always give,
Such a giant that will stand to show,
The way the light calls us all to grow,
Such a thought as this held high,
Must speak to the world with the last sigh.
'Sheer Fantasy' From Visual Counterpoint

The smoke will rise from the funeral pyre,
No eyes will have ever seen such a fire,
The signals will be sent through the rings of time,
No ears will have ever heard the bells that chime,
The earth will cry for without her tears,
No life can survive the worst of its’ fears,
The silence that carries this message to the sky,
Must speak for the world so love may never die.


This entry is very late because I have been offline while Rob put Vista on my computer in the hope that many of the problems I have will be solved.

I have now inherited another headache! Apparently I must now have AOL Desktop and I am having great difficulty navigating it. I have yet to find out how to have two windows open at the same time so posting this has been a long drawn out affair, as I could not hold Blogger and Picasa simultaneously on this new desktop!


Carly said...

Hi Liz :)

WOW! So much beauty here, you have a wonderful eye for detail and as always, you photos have just made my day! Thanks for playing this week, and bringing us such lovliness.


Carolyn Ford said...

Those are exquisite shot! I especially like the reflection. That is over-the-top beautiful!

Greg said...

These are wonderful Liz! I love the sky colors with the silhouetted tree. The one with the reflection in the pond is really cool, looks like it was shot with a fisheye lens from the perspective.


Mike said...

I like them all! I think the last one with the wavy reflection looks especially cool.

Suzanne R said...

Stunning pictures -- I love them all. And the poetry was very meaningful. Beautiful job!

Rose~* said...

Beautiful photos and poems, Liz. Hubby has Vista on his computer, and it is a royal pain in the butt! We just use our normal browser, as the AOL one is completely horrible (even on XP - it was awful). The first thing I got rid of when Vista acted up.