Friday, 11 September 2009

So Near Yet So Far

I have no suitable photograph to accompany these words that I send across the pond to those that grieve the loss of innocent life eight years ago.
I am sure no one will have any difficulty in recalling such a vivid scene.
If my words give any comfort or even better hope for a better world then I will have accomplished more than I ever dream is possible...

No time brings us closer than birth and death,
To a moment that holds the thread of life
Gently, while Damocles’ knife
Hangs over the first and last breath.

Does a baby dream while it soundly sleeps
Of the place that gives all life a start?
When life surrenders what place keeps
The dreams that echo a faithful heart?

No time holds us closer than the beginning and end,
To a moment that keeps safe every life’s dream,
But every moment is destined to send
Each true thought on a separate light beam.

My thoughts are with my friends today.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

I remember that day well and still get nervous when planes fly over our house.