Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Legacy

Another photograph of a tree with a song of the legacy we inherit and the one we will leave behind.

I have added this to Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot, as I hope this will compensate for my absence.

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'Born to reflect light' From Visual Counterpoint

There is no better legacy to the future than a dream,

Woven from the thoughts held by a mind that is free,

There is no better eulogy to the past than the faith,

That we learn the lessons left in its' footprints and see,

There is no better legacy for the present to grasp,

Than the truth that lives forever and will always be,

There is no better dream ever forged in the dark,

Than the one that holds eternity's key.


I posted this with my laptop that does not have AOL loaded because I did not want to face another battle with AOL Desktop on my main computer.

I could not find a way to copy and paste the song from Word and was forced to write it out again on blogger word for word (sorry for the pun).

This Internet Explorer is now exhausted!


Carly said...

Hi Again Liz :)

Neat... you did two entries! Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks again for your participation.

:) Carly

Greg said...

The gaggle of branches forms a nice little abstract. Its odd to say, but it is organized in its confusion.


Rose~* said...

Love the photo and poem. Did you try to copy and paste into "Notepad"? That might work. A free program which is compatible with Microsoft Word is called "Open Office". It even looks the same. The website is: