Thursday, 29 October 2009

Still water runs deep

'STILL WATER RUNS DEEP' From Words from Thought

I sit beside the still water and think,
How long will it be before the noise is ignored
By my mind that has been brought too close to the brink,
And now has the pedal for amplitude floored.
I try to sail silently through the pain,
But have yet to find where my boat could be moored.
In a haven of safety peace I regain,
It lies between the lines of this refrain.

Held within the arms of an island’s charm,
And protecting all from the storm with calm,
Many have sought safety here,
None have been left alone in their fear,
All are welcomed by a generous heart,
Valued by some so much they never depart,
Or they carry the memory so close through their life,
Every moment holds a remedy against strife.

'A SAFE HARBOUR' Stromness also known as Hamnavoe, Orkney From Words from Thought

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Rose~* said...

I love the reflections in "Still Water", and "The Safe Harbour" is absolutely breathtaking! I would love to visit Hamnavoe to seek a peaceful sanctuary.