Monday, 19 October 2009

Maybe We Could Share

'MAYBE WE COULD SHARE' From Words from Thought

The food is good and plenty for two,
I feel like celebrating, how about you?
Don’t scream that all this you only own,
Unless you want to be left totally alone,
Don’t learn from a starling how not to share,
Unless you are willing to accept Nature’s care,
She will fight for you according to her law,
That speaks with justice red in tooth and claw.

There’s no pity here for the lost and weak,
Survival only the strongest will seek,
If we are only animals living in the wild,
Why should we care for another’s child?
For some animal instinct still rules supreme,
They attempt to rise over the milk like cream,
Without wisdom to use knowledge they will certainly fall,
And in the silence finally hear nature’s wild call.

Few see and hear beyond the horizon with thought,
And leap over everything that boundary caught,
In pictures, words and music they portray the scene,
Leaving us to learn how blind and deaf we have been,
Somewhere in the shadows one day I shall find,
The key that unlocks the door to my mind,
So I look and listen and maybe we could share
The search, that seeks to learn the essence of care.


Connie said...

To care is not rare but it's hard indeed,
If all one thinks of is their own selfish need;
Tis' hard to say for some they care,
So off into space, I'm afraid they stare;
Teach the lessons to little ones to see,
That caring is really all that needs be.

Rose~* said...

The little songbirds that we began to feed last winter have returned to our yard. They will get their food the beginning of November, as I didn't want it in the way of the Trick n Treaters, Halloween night. I have a somewhat blurry and shaky video of two chickadees sharing, and have had three on the bird feeding bell at once. Quite comical as they all take a turn. ((HUGS))