Monday, 5 October 2009

From Under the Bridge

From Home~the Journey

The morning mist rises from the water,
As if it carries the breath held during the night
By a face that looked up to the stars
And was silvered by moonlight.
Thoughts born from darkness,
Must pass through the dawn,
Leaving many dreams,
Forever lost and forlorn.

Lost within the mind that rose with the sun,
As if it never carried them through the night,
Or called to the stars to sing a lullaby,
And were killed the moment they won the fight,
Forlorn, abandoned in a pitiful state,
Crying in the darkness where they are left,
They take the life that denied them their voice
And leave grief forever bereft.

Imagination is the sail that holds the dream,
As if it is hoist to catch the wind of chance,
And drive the mind over the water,
Carrying thought a moment in time will enhance,
Crying the truth that is held in peace,
And live for the future to always speak,
From the past and present to all,
For the suffering of the weak.

I dedicate this song to the two teenage girls that held hands before they jumped to their death from a bridge near Glasgow after they were sent to a residential school.
So many dreams of our children are destroyed by this modern world.
How can we be proud of our achievements when our failure is to care for our children?

Please see Home ~ the Journey and A Bridge Too Far for my other thoughts on this tragedy.

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Rose~* said...

Canada is still trying to settle claims made by Natives and others against Catholic residential school atrocities. I can well imagine what happened to those girls who jumped to their deaths. Such a tragedy.