Thursday, 29 October 2009


… will be starved of any funds from me.

This is a part of an e-mail just received.
FeedBlitz upgrade required to avoid suspension in 15 days
Thank you for using FeedBlitz. This is just a reminder that you are currently using FeedBlitz's ad-funded services, and that your evaluation or grace period will expire in 15 days.

If anyone is relying on FeedBlitz e-mails to follow this journal please note that I am unable to afford the charge they are now levying for this service.
I am removing the option from my sidebar and I expect within the next fortnight that the service will be discontinued.
Those on Blogger can always follow updates via their dashboard.
If there is anyone not on Blogger who would like me to send a private e-mail notifying them of any new post please e-mail me with your address and the journal/s you follow.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all followers especially those that take the time and trouble to comment.
I value every comment highly and they help me to understand the effect my works have on others.


Andy said...

I follow you on blogger and will continue to do so.

madcobug said...

If I get a notification like that I will take it off my sidebar also. It always runs a day or more late anyway. Helen

Rose~* said...

I've got something called RSS feeds over here, but use Blogger to keep updated, and I also keep a few of my favourite posters on my list of bookmarks.