Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Greetings to a Season

'A WELCOME TO WINTER' From Words from Thought

‘I welcome winter’, the words form in the air,
Then under the rays of a distant sun dance,
As if they only live to silently dare
An invisible partner to play music to enhance,
The thoughts that gave them birth,
And now seek another to entrance,
With fireside friendship and festive mirth,
That cold season’s true worth.

Like a cloud passing over the ground,
The words flee from warmth to finally find,
A place to sleep safe within the sound,
That a hidden orchestra divined,
No frozen world can ever forget,
The memories that forever bind,
The past to the present with no regret,
And hold for the future the payment of debt.

Storms will rage and rivers will swell,
Winter will take the life from the weak,
There is no place where we can dwell,
Without the strength of the sun we seek,
Unless we hold deep within our thought,
That if we become one with the meek,
In a living cycle we will be caught,
And find everything we ever sought.

1 comment:

Rose~* said...

Oh gosh! I do hope that winter doesn't come early for us this year. I'm still getting used to Autumn and the cooler nights. Brrrr!