Thursday, 27 August 2009

One Season does not make a Year

'The Flush of Winter' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The breath of winter brings autumn to a close,
The caress of winter brings a flush to the cheek,
The grip of winter brings death to the weak,
The silence of winter brings the music I chose.

'Winter Wrap' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Winter wraps a present already sold,
Winter clears the air of useless tears,
Winter holds every one of our hidden fears,
Winter wills weeds present to die from the cold.

'Winter Will' From Colour Contrast Continuity

The breath of winter dies on a spring air,
The music swells to carry the new dawn,
The future cries in the dark to be born,
The silence of winter holds life in its' care.

'A Spring Air' From Colour Contrast Continuity

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Rose~* said...

Absolutely breath-taking photos, Liz! It is still fairly warm here in Vancouver, and your "snow" photos gave me a nice bit of breeze. Thank you! (loved your poetry, too)