Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Quest for the Question

'Dawn breaks every barrier' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
Why my life is such a mess,
This computer that I bought,
Was supposed to reduce the stress,
That holds me down in hell,
With every breath that lies;
When no one will ever hear,
The silence held in death's cries.

'See the silence when eyes are closed' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
The secret they have found,
That enables them to hear,
The unrecorded sound,
And hold hell at bay,
With every breath they take,
When no one understands,
The sacrifice silence must make.

'Walk on and never walk alone' From Visual Counterpoint

I ask anyone to tell me,
The answer that life demands,
Without bringing any excuses,
Or issuing any commands,
Hell will never be held at bay,
By any one man alone,
Humanity always holds the strength,
To lift this sword from the stone.

'Life flies a flag that will never be struck'. From Visual Counterpoint

This song was inspired by a poem posted on a blog I follow, unfortunately it was anonymous so I cannot give the author the thanks or the recognition deserved.

Please follow this link to view the post that held more than words for me.

Please follow the link and I hope I have increased your appetite for poetry in good taste!


DB said...

One day I watched a swan on a lake in Prospect Park, NYC giving itself a bath. With vigorous flapping of its wings in showered water over itself then gently stroked its feathers with its beak. It repeated this same ritual more than half a dozen times, unconcerned that I was watching. I thought how strange it was to see this strong, athletic action from a creature we know as one who glides silently across the water, its feet folding and unfolding as they stroke through the invisible darkness below.

DB - Vagabond Journeys

Rose~* said...

My internet service has been acting up the last three days, and it was frustrating as hec! Loved your pictures and enjoyed the poetry link. Thanks for sharing~*