Friday, 7 August 2009

I must go to the sea

'The River Runs' From Home~the Journey

The river reflects joy in light and sound,
Laughing in the shallows and lifting the heart,
It cries in the deep for the dance once found,
And demands that light and dark should never part,
The wind drives the rain across the water’s face,
Every drop hits the bull’s eye with its’ dart,
Then holding hands with many form a lace,
That runs toward the sea to win the race.

The river is alive with every moment given,
Holding the sky in a timeless embrace,
The earth and the air can never be riven,
From water that joins both without lasting trace,
Except in the music that life will compose,
Soaring to infinity with an endless grace,
Taking the dream from where it arose,
And giving it more than any freedom chose.

The river runs fast from the sky to the sea,
The land hands the baton of care to the flow,
Carrying every tear shed by you and me,
Water holds everything we need to know,
Silence holds the sounds yet to be heard,
One light illuminates the world to show,
The lies that are seen to be absurd,
And the truth in only one word.

This is the photograph that I chose as a header for Home ~ the Journey.

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