Tuesday, 4 August 2009

No more or less than the truth

I have written words only for them to be erased by a computer.
I have tried to comment only to be frozen out by a computer.
I have tried to communicate only to be thwarted by a computer.

I am computer illiterate.

I do not have the energy to keep fighting the barriers that constantly rise to stop me.

I will not be trying again.

It is not as if I had anything to say worth reading.
My whole life is a failure of communication.

My last effort to enter Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot took over an hour to compose and was ‘lost’ in a second by a computer that I would gladly kick into oblivion.

Don’t tell me to keep trying.
I have had more than enough of that.

There is no time like the present.


Rose~* said...

Hope things work out for you. I hear that many people have had some problems lately with Blogger. Just getting back to a somewhat normal routine, after my tests and holiday. Pictures will be up on the week-end, hopefully. Test results the end of August. Off to bed now, as it is fairly late. Please take care, Liz.

Connie said...

Now-you listen here lady--your words are important..they are marvelous and so is your photography...we have all wanted more than once to give our pooders the boot...it is not you it's the web..even techies have problems with them..and I 'will' say don't give up..just sleep on it and the computer web thingy works out it's kinks and lets you do your stuff again...I was trying to post pics and it posted 35 of the same one and wouldn't let me delete them...not my fault but this didn't happen just once it was many times...guess AOL wasn't as bad as we thought,LOL...hang in there...
forever your friend,Connie