Thursday, 30 July 2009

Long After

This song was inspired by a photograph taken by a much better photographer than I will ever be.
Please follow this link to view his work that is surely an inspiration to all and see the photograph 'Withering Roots' in the landscape room for the picture that held these words for me.

Long after the tree is felled the roots remain,
Like an anchor that still lies on the seabed,
Long after the ship slipped the chain
That held her in time and instead
Sailed away, to an unknown shore,
That holds a haven for the souls that bled
For life, while never asking more,
Than what that love could restore.

The sky holds a warning of the storm to come,
Far worse than any that felled the tree,
Or carried away the souls struck dumb
By violence, while fighting to be free,
Between the past and future the present stands,
And holds a haven for you and me,
For life, while it understands,
That variety makes our different lands.

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