Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Death Asks the Last Question

'The past holds the Present for the Future' From Visual Counterpoint

If only I could sing so the sound held my words,
If only I could dance so the rhythm held my heart,
If only I could answer the question with the truth,
I would live forever within the instant I depart.

'Time dances to silent music' From Visual Counterpoint

Time holds every possibility that cries to be,
Time dances to music heard by too few,
Time answers all questions with the only truth,
That all life should respect the old and the new.

'Weave patience into the web' From Visual Counterpoint

Ask and the answer shall fill the air,
Ask to dance to this music so fair,
Ask and the truth must every moment declare,
That life shall live beyond death’s despair.


I cannot speak in any other words of the turmoil that I live in.

I do not expect anyone to understand what I am trying to say.

I only wish that somehow my words might speak for you and help you overcome any difficulty you face.

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