Thursday, 16 July 2009

Balance Sheet

'Held in a glance' From Let the end try the man

What did I lose when my world was destroyed?
I see my reflection in the eyes of one
Whose trust was betrayed by ignorance,
I hear the memory that plays for the dance,
Waves of despair hold everything not done,
And thrown without care into endless void.

'Still looking and listening' From Let the end try the man

What did I lose when my world disappeared?
More than the dog that now stands by me,
Still willing to give his trust again,
A simple soul rises above past pain,
If only I could have a love so free,
It must conquer all memories feared.

What did I gain when my world had to die?
Misery and regret for being so weak
That I failed to fight for a future that stands,
Within no boundary made between different lands,
And now I am left only to seek,
The unspoken truth behind every lie.

'Standing Firm' From Let the end try the man

What did I gain when my world reached the end?
Knowledge that evil rules without care,
And a sad reflection of every attempt I made,
To try to reach the potential that was laid,
Within boundless chance for any that dare,
With the courage only true love can lend.


The photographs are of ‘Chrissie’ a dog I was lucky to obtain from the local rescue that assessed him as 13 yrs of age over 5 1/2 years ago.
His previous life put years on him that he had no intention of living up to given the chance of a new beginning.
He stood wearily at the back of his kennel while all the others barked incessantly for attention but his eyes held more than any noise could make and drew me to recognise the spirit that lives within silence when everything else has failed to gain the love required for life.
I am lucky to share my life with such a simple soul.
The last photograph, taken this summer, shows him standing between my granddaughter and any danger the canal might have for her on their first meeting.

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