Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Reach for the Sky

'Air, Fire and Water' From Visual Counterpoint

Touch the morning with wonder in your heart,
Reach for the light to show you the way,
Seek knowledge that teaches wisdom to play your part,
Live for every second of every given day,
Speak with the silence that holds all sound,
And leave every lie in the dirt where it lay,
Touch the night as it covers the ground,
With every breath the sky ever found.

The air holds every song ever to be sung,
A moment holds every feeling ever to be felt,
The sky with every wonder is eternally hung,
And the Earth accepts every blow it is dealt,
No touch can change the past that must stay
Frozen in the grave of time no sun can melt,
Or bring to life what we wanted to say,
And re-enact on the stage of another day.

The fire burns within every human heart,
Asking to be fed with faith and hope,
Waiting to be hit by Cupid’s dart,
And standing firm on the slippery slope,
Bleeding for life while marking time’s beat,
It holds the power that enables all to cope,
With every success always incomplete,
And even the most humiliating defeat.

The water flows in time’s river and sings,
Of oceans holding memories of old,
And every blessing the future brings,
To the darkness held in hearts so cold,
That no voice ever spoke the words they said,
Until one who walked this earth so bold,
And told the dead to rise and carry their bed,
Then with five fishes and loaves his followers fed.

This post is linked to an entry on Home The Journey, as it uses the same photograph.

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Connie said...

Your photos are marvelous-quit selling yourself short my dear.You have a keen eye and the heart to go with what you capture.Your prose adds even more life to what you capture.