Thursday, 26 November 2009

The River Runs

I have used these photographs before but this time they to illustrate a song I have only just finished.

The words are slower than the picture to find.

'RIVERDANCE' From Words from Thought

Dip your hand in the water that flows,
Touch the moment that every instant holds,
The river of life rings the tree that grows,
Under a light that the future moulds,
Listen to the silence that music contains,
And within the darkness light unfolds,
To record a time that sound regains,
Every dream played by the falling rains.

'SCOTTISH FANTASY' From Let the end try the man

Watch as the water flows to the sea,
Listen to the thunder of the waterfall,
Ringing around the evergreen tree,
As it grows in answer to an ancient call-
Tall and straight toward the sky,
Disregarding danger of a fall,
To reach the place the unknown must lie,
And all find when they finally die.

'THE SANDS OF TIME RUN TO THE SEA' From Pictures within pictures

Live the moment that time gives to you,
Touch the world with every sense you own,
Hold the memories that make dreams come true,
With the love you have been given and shown,
The music plays from the mountain high,
That from only the earth has grown,
The rhythm of life within tree rings lie,
As the river runs back to the sea to die.


Connie said...

Your heart sings and enriches the world..

Oz Girl said...

The photos are gorgeous and illustrate the song perfectly. Beautiful.

Re: our opossum friend. I truly believe in live and let live (I can barely kill a fly). But when the opossum is on my back porch ledge, I'm a bit intimidated to take my dogs out. I don't want my dogs to get the opossum nor do I want to be caught in the middle of a fight! So only in that respect is he unwelcome at my back door. It WAS fun to get the close-up photos of him. And Ringo hasn't killed a opossum yet. They play dead, and he walks away.

So all is well on our ranch, and the animals all manage to co-exist in peace, for the most part. :)