Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Rail Road

'BUBBLES' From Visual Counterpoint . com

No coffin can lay this line to rest,
No words can carry this train of thought,
I stand alone and look to the west,
To rescue the child my mind sought,
That cries in the dark with a voice so sweet,
And sings to music that only light caught,
In order that darkness only knows defeat,
As dawn breaks with a chorus at my feet.

'FANTASIA' From Visual Counterpoint . com

Listen to the sound of the wheels that turn,
Listen to the music that time once wrote,
I stand alone among cornfields that burn,
To rescue the child with a small blue boat,
Red sky paint your warning so all may see,
But leave the stream for my thoughts to float,
Far beyond this land and all that would be,
Nothing of consequence to me.

From Visual Counterpoint . com

The child sees more than the horizon can hold,
The future lies silently among threads that weave,
A coat of many colours subtle and bold,
Carrying all songs that seem to grieve,
Bringing rhythm to life that lives again,
And has both grace and wisdom to leave,
All that greed and power wished to attain,
And can only remind the soul of pain.

For Andy because words are simply not enough.


Andy said...

Thank you seems such a small thing to say in reply to those lovely words but THANKYOU

Rose~* said...

Awesome photos - I love Unicorns.