Saturday, 6 February 2010

An Open Mind is Prey to the Elements

I will still occasionally post here when my words sing my thoughts to the music that I hear.

When they only reach out to touch another mind they will be posted on

Words Speak For Thoughts

Every thought I create,
Every breath I take,
Every move I make,
Forms every word I will state,
The sound the letters cast,
Wrap around the deep core,
That opened the door,
To where dreams last.

I will live where I will die,
In my mind that seeks more,
Than anything held in store
For me! For I will forever cry
This is not enough! I seek
Only one question to ask,
To complete the task,
When will Time leak?

Every moment that passed,
Every shadow that holds,
Every hope light unfolds,
Forms every thought to last
In the words silence speaks,
Through the memory of sound,
That left the ground,
To reach the sky freedom seeks.

I will still occasionally accompany the song with a photograph that seems to sing alongside my words.

'SOFTLY SOFTLY' From Visual Counterpoint . com


Andy said...

More lovely words, thank you

Connie said...


Rose~* said...

Lovely words to go along with your lovely photo. I miss the snow!

MariesImages said...

Beautiful winter it!