Thursday, 2 October 2008

Soft Option

Hope this gives you a smile friends!
The mutt is called Callie, my other dog Chris is far too old for even soft toys!

I should be stroked and cuddled,
Not attacked from all sides,
By the mutt that here resides,
Common sense decides,
My role has been seriously muddled,

Look what the wild haggis bore,
Major surgery to repair
What she did to the pair,
And now I declare
They patiently await even more,

I’m not sure they will speak again,
Their squeak’s in the hand
Of this vet in England,
That may not understand,
The voice that they need to retain.

And there is a bright yellow sheep,
With the brains not to run,
Before her roundup’s begun,
That son of a gun
His ‘Golden Fleece’ with luck will keep.

She’s sleeping like a baby in her bed,
Hush! Don’t make a sound,
For dreams she’s renowned,
By now she’ll have found,
Imaginary animals to play with instead.

I hope you all have time to smile today.

1 comment:

Solitary Dancer said...

Just lovely, my friend. I will post your new journal address over at The Farm. Janice was looking for you.

Beautiful entry