Thursday, 2 October 2008

For Friendship

I would like to paint the picture
Of forgiveness for the past,
So you could know our friendship
Was strong enough to last,
I would like to paint a picture
To show how much I care,
So you would see the burden
That I willingly bear,
I would like to paint the picture
Of truth and loyalty,
So you could hold them close
And know that you were free,
I would like to paint the picture
Of love,
But that, my friend, is beyond me
I cannot even reflect such a light from above.

I can only paint
In every shade of grey,
So you might see the white
Behind anything I say,
I can only paint
The notes that live in my heart,
So we may learn to know each other
And then never part.
I can only paint
An outline faint and weak,
So let us help each other
Find what we all should seek,
My friend, I need your help
Let us not accept defeat,
So pick up your brush and
Together, a picture we’ll complete.

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