Friday, 10 October 2008

Alphabetti Spaghetti

This is an unsung, unheard, simple song,
That aims to put some adjectives where they belong,
Disappointed is low on the emotional chart,
Disgusted beats it for sheer negative art,
Enlightened should shine with a new bright light,
Enchanted should only be allowed at night,
Fearful is frightening in all its’ forms,
Ferocious is feared when delivered in storms,
Goodly may not be recognised in these troubled days,
Graceful may not be seen in her quiet ways,
Happy tries to overcome all endured pain,
Hopeful supports the present promising to return again,
Injurious stains indelibly the soul from where it stems,
Implacable surrounds all heaven sent gems,
Juvenile laughs and sings without care,
Just gives deserved rewards for any who dare,
Kindly speaks softly to adult or child,
Kosher is correct, law-abiding never wild,
Laborious drags every discordant word into line,
Lamentable regrets their voice and mourns with music divine,
Measly, ridiculously small, is worthless to most,
Moist will wet the eyes of the hardest host,
Needless goes without saying, as it is never called for,
Nuttiest sees beyond the horizon to an unknown shore,
Opposable faces and can touch the other side,
Operational is ready to open doors wide,
Plaintive expresses sorrow for what has occurred,
Profound describes the depth of despair endured,
Quarrelsome disputes all statements made,
Queenly with serenity all arguments fade,
Raw naturally upsets any smooth state,
Reflective improves any serious debate,
Scandinavian from Old Norse is descent,
Selfish toward itself is always bent,
Toasty is comfortably warm like wine,
Tolerable will be endured until better times shine,
Unaccountable will never be found at fault,
Uncompromising will call an idiot a dolt,
Venomous inflicts poison by any means it can,
Verbal is never written yet it can literally inhumane actions ban,
Warrantable is old enough to be hunted if it’s a stag,
Wedded remains obstinately attached and keeps the cat in a bag,
Xenophobic dislikes anything it does not know,
X- rated is indecent with anything it can show,
Yellow is a colour between orange and green,
Yearly only once every twelve months is seen,
Zippy is fast, lively and soon past,
Zoic holds pictures of life so they will last.
Where are Adorable, Beautiful, and Cutie so full of charm?
Safely hidden from any conspiracy, malice or harm.

1 comment:

Indigo said...

What a delighful read, you had every single emotion in play. Love the chair in the picture. (Hugs)Indigo