Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mellow Fruitfulness

My words hang on the clean morning air,
Like smiling ghosts that seemingly dare
To enjoy the music of a new season’s sun,
Sparkling with delight and dancing for fun,
Laughing and singing under bright rays,
Welcoming colourful autumnal days.

I see for a moment what is always there,
My breath sweeping into still morning air,
Carried before me on waves of sound,
Thoughts sail on a song their destiny found,
To live an allotted time in a chorus of voices,
Discovering chances and exploring choices.

Now whenever I speak I will always see
My words floating on melody away from me,
Distant yet still a part of my mind,
Never to leave their birthplace behind,
Forever playing the roles they’ve been given,
A record of thought made that cannot be riven.

Let the many songs I sing always be
Pleasing to the listener and like a symphony,
That varies with movements slow and fast,
Carry the emotions, in which they are cast,
Joy, happiness, anger and sorrow,
All have a place today for tomorrow.

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