Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Dance in Time

I have moved from J-land where my journal was Pictures-within-pictures. Photographs accompanied by songs I have written.
My name is Liz and I am a retired Veterinary Surgeon.
I do not know how to add links or any of the fancy ways for anyone to contact me other than by e-mailing me

I will try to learn.

The sea calls me I must return,
And once again lick salty lips,
For cries of wheeling gulls I yearn,
And sight of heeling sailing ships,
To watch white horses play and prance,
Surge forward then with backward flips,
Recoil and return to the dance,
See early morning soft mists rise,
Explore sights and sounds to entrance,
A rock pool world at my feet lies,
On sunlight marbled floor shrimp hide,
Anemone from my touch shies,
Around the horizon is wide.

I will search between sea and sky,
For the ship that will come for me,
Riding waves that will never die,
She’ll rise and fall assuredly,
And throughout the darkest cold hours,
A soothing lullaby will be,
My dreams will bring me strange powers,
Is my white horse a unicorn?
That I will ride on wave’s towers,
Into an unknown bright new dawn,
Will I land on some distant shore?
And find the clothes I should have worn?
With the key that opens my door.

Walk on sands that in ages past,
Had been life in oceans of earth,
Now a reminder that will last,
All things journey to death from birth,
Pick wet polished pebbles that speak,
Of mountains crushed by water’s mirth,
From rugged crag to highest peak,
Risen from a molten rock core,
They will return and the deep seek,
Diving below the ocean floor,
Only to await a new chance,
To rise and conquer air once more,
The grounds we walk on also dance.


Solitary Dancer said...

Looks good, my friend


Janice said...

Happy to have found you again