Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dark Magic

Shadows can only be created by light,
Linking all we see to the unseen hidden by night,
Watch them dance like autumn leaves
Held in the arms of a bold handsome breeze,
Hear them whisper echoes from the past,
Touch them gently and their magic will last,
Listen and hear their song from the deepest well
Rise on unwritten music and the future foretell.

Come with me to a world far away from here,
Where imagination has the power to dry every tear,
Let your thoughts fly free and far above any pain,
Ride higher than all black clouds and any rain,
Call to the moon and ask her to remember all you say,
Look to the stars to show you their own secret way,
Stand in the sun with your shadow singing clearer,
Bringing the unknown from the night ever nearer.

Light creates shadows so we may always know,
We can safely touch what the darkness can show,
Let a velvet night softly hold your dream high,
The stars will sing of courage as they wheel by,
The moon will always echo the light she receives,
Creating a softer shadow before she leaves
That remains wedded to any true word or thought,
And caries a message that can never be bought.

Mystery lies beyond the wave of a rainbow,
Darkness calls so the light of knowledge may grow,
Imagine a dance in space to the beat of Time,
Hear the silent music that shadow players mime,
Don’t leave your flowers decorating the wall,
Take them onto the floor of this fantasy ball,
Where they will create shadows with their light,
For all to watch dance with the secrets of the night.
I wrote this for Halloween but a very good friend in America is feeling very low so this is for her and anyone else who is depressed with the news at the moment.

1 comment:

Solitary Dancer said...

Oh my, this is lovely.

"Ride higher than all black clouds and any rain,"

Yes I will and I know I can. I just need a push.

Thanks, my friend