Sunday, 5 October 2008

Home, the Journey

Together we are both stronger,
And carry our burden high,
Striding under a blue sky,
O’er water, alone no longer,
A green carpet grows at our feet,
We sing today for tomorrow,
Our ways anyone can borrow,
At sunset our shadows will meet.

Under the stars at night we stand,
To this moment we belong,
Water carries our silent song,
Beneath the moon, over the land,
Airs will echo with silent waves
Music played by a passing thought,
Within invisible threads caught,
Then memory holds and saves.

Watch as we dance over the earth,
The sun paints everything we’ve seen,
A river of light flows between,
And touches with the warmth of mirth
Barriers made of wood and steel,
Reach for the dream that waits for you,
Listen and to your song be true,
All grow toward the light they feel.

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