Friday, 3 October 2008

My Mind's Haven

Acrylic painting (the only one of mine hanging on my wall!)

I’m in my haven, what do I see,
The sea, the sea, coming for me,
I hear the waves crashing on rocks,
This is the place my heart locks,
I hear the gulls’ plaintive cry,
I see them wheeling against a blue sky,
I will be there, soon, by and by,
This is the place I’ll go when I die.

My haven’s a river, flowing free,
Water is safely holding me,
I’ve travelled far, I’ve further to go,
With much to see, hear, feel and know,
My life is running a simple straight course,
Birth to death; time the driving force,
With space to explore large and small,
Until I reach destiny’s call.

Image credit ROB

This verse I’ll write when far from you,
Over the horizon, out of view,
I’ve not the words to give you now,
Where I go the future will allow,
Stand on a beach, look out to sea,
Hear wind and waves carry song to thee,
Lift your eyes up to the skies above,
Look everywhere, find and hold love.

1 comment:

Indigo said...

Your words are so visually stimulating...with eloquence you transported me to the ocean's shore to hear the pounding of the sea against the shore. Thank you, for this piece of serenity. (Hugs)Indigo