Friday, 3 October 2008

Small is Enough

This post is for tomorrow. I am taking a day off.

Hello little tree, with you a while I’ll stay,
Gold and green fingers dipping, feeling,
Mirror images shadow dancing, reeling,
Touch loosened and lost, floating away.
Sailing on rolling ripples of bright starlight,
Over radiating targets around rugged rocks,
Riding rough waters, shooting rapid shocks,
A fantastic flight, a fascinating sight.

You send messengers on a perilous voyage,
With unswerving valour they forge ahead,
Into the unknown with signs to be read,
By those who would gaze upon your world stage.
Each drops like a tear to join with its’ image,
Together they travel to the last long day,
And finally find rest where many now lay,
Enriching food for life none can disparage.

You will grow stronger and taller year by year,
Your branches ever longer silently weep,
Golden tears for lives wasted, held cheap,
For innocent children living in poverty and fear.
Tragedy will be held in your beauty and grace,
Reminding us goodness shall never be lost,
It belongs to one, who doesn’t count cost,
I humbly gaze upon a wise, loving face.


Solitary Dancer said...

Just beautiful!

And I must say your new place is looking very nice and so inviting.


Andy said...

Another entry to your usual high standard