Monday, 1 December 2008

A Ring of Truth

This is my entry for Martha's A-Z Photo Challenge

R is for ...

Ring of Brodgar, Orkney

Ring of light around ring of stone,
On an ancient land circled by the sea,
The music echoes through time to me,
And tells me I’m no longer alone.
Heather lies singing at your feet,
A breeze bathes you with an ocean’s breath,
That whispers secrets surrounding death,
And conquer any fears I will meet.


Ring Curiosity with Wisdom

Shared roots ensure common ground,
Individual character grows with time,
Like branches from a tree no two are the same,
But all contribute to the finished crown,
Strong roots conquering darkness grow down,
Seeking Earth’s sustenance to support a frame,
That toward the light must always climb,
And strength within a ring is naturally bound.

We are all children of the Earth,
Born to share the beauty of her creation,
Mankind should be her crowning glory,
Grow beyond the confines of his cradle bars,
With the strength of wisdom reach for the stars,
And write a universally understood story.
May this felled tree act as a revelation,
To show what every moment in time is worth.

Who will unlock the door of the mind?
And find within the simplest law,
So fate will lie at our command,
And the future beckon with a smile.
Stop still and wonder for a while,
With the moment held in the hand,
Let curiosity look for more,
And knowledge with wisdom be lined.


Martha said...

Beautiful Liz, so glad you are playing along :-)

Monica said...

What beautiful photographs. I enjoyed coming over and checking them out.


Terri said...

Really interesting shots. I love the keyhole in the tree rings.

Linda :) said...

Rings! Great choices for R!

Tami said...

Rings...I did not know that there were stone circles on you have more shots of Orkney?

Liz said...
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Liz said...

Tami~ In answer to your question I have put many photos taken on Orkney on this journal but I haven't labelled them. Perhaps I should do this? I could not find your email address on your profile or blog to reply personally.
For many good photos of Orkney well described I can recommend a friend's website