Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Christmas Tree's Song

Land of snow reaches for the sky,
Touches the clouds as they pass by,
One stays around the tallest peak,
Held by a mountain that would seek,
To open the silver lining,
Now joined together entwining,
The ring of cloud will fly around,
The earthbound mountain heavens crowned.

Trees dressed by winter shining white,
Under the stars and bright moonlight,
Wait to be felled and taken down,
The mountain slopes and into town.
Carried on sleighs with bells ringing,
And the sound of people singing,
Joyful songs on a cold crisp air,
Through music happiness they share.

One tree is picked to travel far,
Westward guided by the North Star,
Across the sea to a fair isle,
A firm friend in days of deep trial.
It will be given pride of place,
Delight all with amazing grace,
And the sound of people singing,
Will through its branches be ringing.

Noble trees greet the holy night,
Faint echoes of a bright star’s light,
Like the mountain reached for the sky,
They touch the hearts of passers-by,
Giving joy to both young and old,
A Christmas message these trees hold,
And the sound of people singing,
Is joined by the church bells ringing.

Land of snow reach up to the sky,
Touch the clouds as they pass on by,
Hold one close with your tallest peak,
The silver lining that you seek,
Will dress you silently in white,
Under the stars and bright moonlight,
And the sound of angels singing,
Through the heavens will be ringing.

My Christmas tree reminds me of my favourite carol ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ although it seems that ‘I am dreaming of a White Christmas’.

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