Sunday, 21 December 2008

Heartwood is Scarred for Life

A deep wound to the heart will leave a scar,
No re-growth can ever remove such a blow,
So the past pain will never show,
And no time the ugliness will bar.
The perpetrator of such a violent deed,
Will walk away wearing a lie,
Under that surface this act shall not die,
Disregard for others shall take the lead.
The sad fact is I search for a shield,
Throughout the long day and night,
To hide a weeping wound from sight,
With the magic wand that music can wield,
So none may see my colour is black,
I paint the words into pictures,
Framed with a song’s strictures,
It is only true talent that I lack.

So turn away from this echo of pain,
I have failed to ring with a lilting air,
A rainbow around this wound we share,
With a light that dances through the rain,
Unless you bring your imagination too,
Together we’ll circle a Greenwood tree,
A heartfelt healing song is set free,
And words beat a rhythm that’s new.

Then see every shade in a shadow’s tune,
For black no longer rules alone,
It holds everything light has shown,
And in the darkness a pattern is hewn
To carry waves of thought beyond now,
And lend an artist’s palette to the mind,
With brush strokes that will softly wind
A way through as far as time will allow.

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