Monday, 22 December 2008

The Second Best

The dawn holds its’ breath; night still sings,
Winter’s curtain call waits for the queen
To finish dancing a dream so serene
Around the graceful trees she rings,
That they will always remember her songs,
And care for her music throughout the day,
And a whispering wind will gossip and say,
I have heard better in every way,
The trees smile and leave gold where it belongs.

I’ll continue to hear the songs of the night,
Wherever I go in whatever I see,
The music will play with and around me,
And thoughts will dance like shadows in the light,
If my song does not echo the truth I hear,
Blame my poor words that must always fail,
And shoot the messenger not the tale,
And I will reside within the last tear.

Then will I fade away like the morning dew,
Beyond the touch of a hard harsh world,
And fly unseen with colours unfurled,
Surrounded by the sounds that will renew
The love of music carried on silent waves,
Words will weave a rainbow of light,
Reflecting every shade caught in flight,
And within the mystery of the night
I’ll find the peace that my mind craves.

This photograph is of a reflection in water.

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