Tuesday, 9 December 2008

That's Amore

As performed by Dean Martin (click on this for a great song)

This is my entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot the subject Carly has set is Pizza.

Please accept this small offering,
Instead of the whole picture,
Zeal and persistent endeavouring,
Zaps any failure to serve
An entry for your savouring.

The trouble is I don’t eat pizza,
Only I do like what lies on the top,
Perhaps what is presented above,
Photographs of the cream of the crop,
In the absence of any base,
Not forgetting this is what I love,
Gives my photo a matching small place.


Martha said...

Looks so yummy! :-)

Suzanne R said...

How artful and creative! (Both the picture and the explanatory poem.)

Carly said...

Hi Liz :)

You never let me down! :) What a delightful photograph and the poem, is as always, the perfect accompanyment! I really appreciate all the thought you put into these assignments, and look forward to seeing, and reading what you will be inspired to come up with next! Thanks so much for playing along, and making my days so much nicer!

Always, Carly

Tammy said...

Now that's my kind of pizza, no bread. I've been enjoying your poetry Liz, nice work.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

What a beautiful arrangement of veggies! That's much more interesting than an ordinary pizza slice, and still evokes Carly's topic.