Monday, 1 December 2008

Waiting for Moonlight

I have re-posted this photograph having resized it rather than reduced the quality.

At the same time I am being lazy and entering it with its' song into Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot for an Autumn Sunset as seen from my back garden.

I have added photos taken this evening and a final verse so I do not feel a complete fraud.

A winter sun sets slowly in the west,
Silver trees stand patiently waiting,
As if they are silently debating,
Where their star wanders on its’ quest,
And when the moon will take his place,
With music to warm the coldest heart,
Secretly arming Cupid’s dart,
With a reflection from her calm face.

Perhaps the fires of Venus will blaze,
A trail that leads the way to peace,
And Mars will prove wars never cease,
To strengthen love whenever life it slays,
The trees remember the dance of light,
That wrapped around their young pliant stems,
Forever making them forest gems,
And return the gift from the moon day and night.

Soon the glory of the heavens will shine
Over a silently sleeping land,
Showing the design of an unknown hand,
Only seen by this universal sign.
The silver trees will surely dream,
On a star-studded stage and time will stand
Surrounded by a musical band,
And sing of eternity’s fountain stream.

Here comes the moon smiling with delight,
With an escort riding close alongside,
Between the lines of greeting clouds they glide,
As if inspecting the soldiers of the night,
Soon she will touch the trees’ outstretched arms,
And the music will begin for the dance,
Someone somewhere will grasp a passing chance,
And fall in love under her mysterious charms.


Greg said...

These are very nice, the last one with the moon is a nice touch as well.


Carly said...

Hi Liz

You do such lovely work with the camera, and coupled with the verse, it is nothing short of magical! Lovely photo with the moon. :)

Suzanne R said...

Beautiful pictures and poetry. BTW, I am a new player.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Liz, Beautiful photos! I love the soft pink hues in the first one:)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Very nice indeed! I love the subtlety of the colors.