Thursday, 11 December 2008

Pluck Heartstrings with Courage

A man may be able to change his stars,
But only fate will write his destiny,
Chances given may be used to effect,
Chaos will then randomly select
Which footprint if any will point the way,
Tomorrow decides what makes the next day,
Life is not fair and lady luck may flee,
Leaving dreams locked behind time’s prison bars.

Are the dice loaded in this game of life?
The answer must be yes for fate to choose,
What’s best adapted to survive the test,
Our dreams will evolve alongside the rest,
Until finally the music plays in tune,
Rhythm coming not a heartbeat too soon,
So changes through time shall always loose,
Conflicting discord causing pain and strife.

Will you play in the orchestra with me?
Or dance to moving melodies and sing,
Matching a dream to deeds for tomorrow,
Marry thought to care for all to borrow,
Pick your partner only with true love’s aid,
Then none can despise any choice made,
And hope shall wish that destiny will bring,
A symphony so your dream flies free.

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