Monday, 8 December 2008

Shine On

Lost deep in the well of tears,
Drowning in imaginary fears,
Only a cat would know how I feel,
Only a cat has the ability to steel
Far away from destroying pain,
And always the higher ground gain.

There is plenty of room up here,
No west wind carries any fear,
Only a cat could climb out of the well,
Only a cat has the life-saving spell
Of the magical number nine,
And all are allowed to shine.

No One will ever be destroyed,
No falsehood will ever be employed,
When time stands still for eternity,
The present will only know fraternity,
I hear an echo that rings around me,
So past and future sets me free.

The grin has fully faded from sight,
Its’ ghost will prowl through the night,
If you hear a haunting call in the dark,
It won’t be an owl or a lark,
When a new moon plays her silent songs,
It’ll be where it always belongs.

I have removed ‘The Cheshire Cat’ as my identity. It was never mine to own.

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