Thursday, 18 December 2008

Double Decker

We all look on life in individual ways,
But before believing any defeatist view,
Seek an alternative,
There is always an alternative path within an open mind.
Between the ‘Bellicose Belligerent Bird’ and ‘Moving Mountains’ there is no competition for my choice of the way I intend to go.


A Bellicose Belligerent Bird

When will this boat ever put out to sea?
Never if anyone ever bothers to ask me,
She is unsea-worthy and only a wreck,
Don’t climb that ladder onto her deck,
Unless you want nightmares to ruin your rest,
Pirates stole her treasure to put in their chest,
She will haunt you with stories relating only the truth,
And rob you of the innocence of youth.

She will speak of unspeakable deeds,
Of humans who grew like strangling weeds,
Without any flowers they choked on their greed,
To gather far more than they could ever need,
If you want to sleep and enjoy your dreams,
Don’t venture near she is not what she seems,
This ghost ship will wrap any lies round your neck,
Then throw you overboard, so don’t step on her deck.

She’ll not sail again with any false crew,
I’d take care where you climb if I were you,
For she will be launched by a stronger hand
Than any to be found in a pirate band,
The ocean she will sail will match every tear,
And her star will burn with every unspoken fear,
You will find yourself between water and fire,
And she’ll use both to destroy unworthy desire


Moving Mountains

Safely docked in her haven high and dry,
The boat looks through morning mist into the sky,
And silently sings to the bellicose bird,
All the sea shanties she has heard,
While sailing alone under cover of night,
Over oceans of memory, through tempest and storm,
Conquering mountains every shape and form,
Guided on the journey home by one star’s light.

Climb the ladder onto her deck and ride,
Waves of music that hold magic inside,
Call to the west wind to carry the song,
Far beyond the horizon and before long
Be the first to fly over the foaming wake,
A landlocked boat can still secretly make,
And share in the joy such freedom brings,
See an ocean echo what one star sings.

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