Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Heartbeatingly Close

The breeze barely bent a single ear of corn,
While it whispered soft secrets to the waiting dawn,
Where had it learned a song so wondrously light?
What ocean had taught it to sing through the night?
Under what sky was this music born?
That rose like cream over simple corn.

The earth holds her breath for the expected sun,
Drops priceless jewels on lace patience spun,
To be given to welcome the warmth of a new day,
Conveying more than words can ever say,
And take the place she has peacefully won,
Under the light of the expected sun.

Time will carry the beating heart of a song,
And it shall find the place where it can belong,
The future shines bright for faith and hope,
The past will slide down a slippery slope,
Today will learn what is right from wrong,
When it hears the beat of the heart of a song.

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MariesImages said...

You are such a talented woman. Your images are lovely.
Happy New Years!