Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Leaving Song

Stay awhile don’t close your eyes,
Linger longer in the moon’s light,
See her slowly sail out of sight,
Yet keep her safe where mystery lies,
Her song illuminates dark ways,
With a flame that serenades the stars,
Dances on the wind through prison bars,
Warms a cold heart and despair slays.

Journeying since she was born,
To join her sisters in the sky,
She is destined to say goodbye,
From her influence earth will be torn,
Without her singing by our side,
A lilting gentle lullaby,
Who will soften every sad sigh?
Where will lasting love songs reside?

I don’t have answers to grace this page,
I haven’t the key to unlock the script,
Nor the ability the design to decrypt,
I’m only an extra on this world stage,
Another pair of eyes and ears,
Open for any sight and sound,
To imprint its’ mark then rebound,
And travel down the following years.

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