Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Last Leaf

When the last leaf falls winter has won,
Cold fingers spread across the dark water,
This father prepares to dress his daughter,
In a pure white gown his duty done.
Simple innocence matched by none,
Courage surviving every test,
Like sleeping beauty she will safely rest,
And wait for the kiss of the spring sun.

While haunting winds howl and whine,
Silence retains its’ secret strength,
Time will go to every length,
And constantly rewrite any sign,
White clouds sail a blue sky so fine,
I hear the music pass me by,
On a lost summer’s softer sigh,
And it stole the words that sang this line.

A morning mist veils the blushing bride,
Water flows from a mountainous land,
And floods my mind with thoughts like quicksand,
A haven into which I gratefully slide,
The warmth of memory deep inside,
Kindles love to conquer lingering fear,
Welcoming waves of drum rolls sound near,
Where the sea touches the sky dreams hide.

Best wishes for health and happiness to all Scots on St Andrew’s Day.

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lisaschaos said...

Beautiful words accompanying beautiful photos! :)