Sunday, 23 November 2008

Grass is Simply Green

Covering a quarter of the Earth’s land,
A simple plant paved evolution’s path,
Almost indestructible to nature’s wrath,
Grass silently grows where life will stand,
It sprouts from the base of burned stems,
And rises like a phoenix from fire,
Devoured to the roots by mass desire,
It will return to hold raindrops like gems.

Beyond the limits of the last tree,
Frozen by bitter arctic night,
It waits for the return of the light,
Under a white blanket by a stilled sea,
When winter releases its’ icy grip,
The tundra responds to the spring’s release,
And green welcomes flocks of snow-white geese,
Completing an amazing marathon trip.

With unlimited water and sun,
Elephants hide within the tall blades,
Through them Earth’s largest herbivore wades,
And her smallest wild pig loves to run,
Great flocks of birds that take hours to pass,
Feed on an incalculable number of seeds,
That holds the energy natural flight needs,
Hear this song when you mow your lawn’s grass.

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