Friday, 21 November 2008

Somewhere in Time

Somewhere in time a nightingale sings,
Of life’s journey and the sadness it brings,
With wings so strong hope surely flies,
Through threatening clouds into clear skies,
The music plays softly on waves of thought,
Moving emotion is easily caught,
Held by a moment like a foaming crest,
Then gently brought down to earth and rest.

I see my second childhood beckoning,
To be counted in the final reckoning,
Waving a wand of youth so high,
The magic carries me beyond the sky,
A timeless horizon stretches through space,
Words weave a web like intricate lace,
Here is the home I’ll hold close to my heart,
And a journey’s end becomes a new start.

I will hear music wherever I go,
The rhythm of life beats time fast and slow,
The shadow dances of dark and light,
My words will echo with black on white,
Imagination brings colour to the scene,
I would have smiles mark where I have been,
Asked what would be my favourite hue,
I answer warm yellow on a pale true blue.

I followed Guido’s recommendation and went to Regina’s journal.
I would also like to recommend it to anyone who likes poetry.

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madcobug said...

Beautiful poem along with a beautiful picture of the geese plus blue sky. Helen